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My Faith Move to Chicago!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Today is my 6-month Chicago-versary!!

To say I’m in love with this beautiful city is an understatement! I am so grateful God called me to this new place to meet new people and to have new experiences. And I’m just getting started! In celebration, I want to tell my story about how I came to this beautiful city.

On February 4, 2020, while sitting at my kitchen table, praying to God, He spoke to me. He told me that He was moving me from my family, taking me “to new places into new territory.” As He said this, I saw a vision of the city of Chicago. The next day, He confirmed it again by speaking to me directly, showing me another vision of downtown Chicago, and later confirming through Abram's story in Genesis 12.

Initially, I was floored. Chicago has never been on my list of places to live. At this point, I had never even visited Chicago before. I was enjoying my life in Greenville, South Carolina and had no desire to move, let alone to another city over 800 miles away from my family. I’ve always wanted to stay in the South, no more than 4 hours away from my family in case of emergency. I had a plan, but God had a different one.

Thinking back, right away, I knew it was God because I heard His voice so clearly. And even though the preparation and responsibilities of moving seemed daunting, I felt so much peace and even a little excitement about it.

So being the planner I am, I immediately started researching Chicago: best places to live, best restaurants, Chicago culture, and all these amazing things. I even started looking at the job market and opening my heart to the idea of moving.

In my mind, I thought I would move in 2020. I started going through my belongings, organizing things, decluttering, and cleaning up my home in preparation for this big move. I had a trip planned (hotel and flight booked) to visit Chicago in March 2020 that I was so excited about. Then the pandemic hit… and boy, did it hit hard!

To be honest, I was devastated and upset. I had this big trip planned and everything got cancelled by something that was out of my control. Despite this, I actually needed to wait.

Fast forward to the end of 2020, I had gone through my belongings twice and made many trips to donation centers across Upstate SC. I joined my new church as an online member and I finally broke the news of my intention to move to my close family and friends. I was in full preparation mode with the support of my loved ones. It felt great!

As 2021 started, I knew deep down that it would be the year for my move, and it was! After over 1 year and 3 months of anticipation, disappointment, excitement, and preparation, God gave me the green light in May 2021. I experienced every emotion possible during this process that I will share in detail later, but ultimately it was necessary.

I finally visited Chicago for the first time in June 2021 and I immediately fell in love! There was no anxiety or regret, I knew as soon as my feet hit the pavement that I was home, and this is where God called me to be.

My home in South Carolina sold quickly, just as God told me, and I moved into my new home in the Chicago area on September 4, 2021! Chicago is my home now; therefore, I know I am right where I belong!

So, what is God calling you to do? Have you felt the need to make a change in your life? Do you want God’s plan or your plan?

Whether it is moving to a new city, applying for a promotion, starting a business, or ending a toxic relationship, follow His leading. God will not fail you. He has proven Himself time and time again. Spend time with Him and He will reveal His plan for your life. What are you waiting for?!

Well, that’s my side of the story for now… the rest is still being written.

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1 Comment

I have always admired your discipline and obedience to God. It’s a quality that only a true believer and disciple of Christ has. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s truly inspiring me to seek Him and His plan for my life. I love you girl!

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